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Here at Mehta Opticians, we pride ourselves on providing a personalised service from beginning to end. All eye tests are conducted by Mr K Mehta MCOptom, who is fully accredited with both Eye Health Examinations Wales and Low Vision Service Wales.

Mr K Mehta also holds a Professional Certificate in Medical Retina from the University of Cardiff, a hospital-grade qualification that allows him to offer advanced insights on retinal health, including macular degeneration.

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Our story begins in 1957, when a young Raj Mehta journeyed from his native Uganda to study in the UK. After a youth spent studying in Cornwall, he went on to read Ophthalmic Optics at Bradford University. Following his graduation in 1962, Raj returned home to Uganda, where he met his wife, Usha, and in 1965 they returned as a married couple ready to establish themselves in the UK. 


By 1974, Raj — or Mr Mehta Senior, as he would later became known — was ready to strike out on his own. After having been drawn to the welcoming and idyllic rural community of Powys, he set up shop in Newtown and Welshpool. Back then, Raj was the first ever Indian business owner in either town. 

Meanwhile, Raj’s son, Kamesh — or Mr Mehta Junior — was embarking upon his own journey of discovery. Back in the day, Raj stocked shiny brass Zeiss telescopes, microscopes, and binoculars in his practices. Kamesh would spend balmy summer days in his father’s practices, obsessing over these bright, retro-futurist objects which seemed to him as strange and beautiful as the contraptions he read about in Jules Verne novels. On rare occasions, his father would let him take them home and he would play with them late into the night. It was while he gazed into the unimaginably clear lenses of these intricate objects that a deep and life-long passion for advanced lens technology took root. 


That passion took him to Aston University in 1987, to study Ophthalmic Optics, like his father. After spending his early 20s working near London, he found himself drawn back to the rural beauty of Powys when he came to start a family in the early nineties. In 1993, he began working for his father, in those same practices in which he had spent his childhood. 

In 2001, Mr Mehta Senior handed over his business to his son. He still pops in every so often; when he does, some of our longest-standing customers come flocking back to say hello to their old friend.


Since taking over the business, Mr Mehta Junior has used as it as opportunity to pursue his childhood passion for cutting-edge optical technology. In 2003, we became the first opticians with retinal cameras in either Welshpool or Newtown; and in 2016, we became the first opticians with an OCT machine in Newtown. Now, over 40 years after seeing those Zeiss telescopes, microscopes, and binoculars in his father’s practices, Mr Mehta Junior stocks Zeiss ophthalmic lenses in his own.

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