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Swarovski frame
Gazal Frame w/ Swarovski Crystals
Jimmy Choo frame and case
Prada frame and case

Each of our frames is hand-selected by Mr Mehta and his team. Check out the gallery below for in indication of our range, or pop into one of our practices today to see our current stock!

Placing its core value of sustainability front and center, BOTANIQ champions bold, stylish design that has a positive environmental impact.


BOTANIQ's frames are hand-crafted from natural wood, cork and bamboo, bio-based acetate and recycled stainless steel and are presented in fully recyclable packaging.

Every element of BOTANIQ's frames is designed with the planet in mind, around the brand's core ethos of looking good, doing good and feeling good.

Ronit Furst logo.jpg

Founded in 2001 by the artist Ronit Furst, this highly coveted brand applies a creative hand to eyewear, with its unique focus on colourful, individual designs.

Targeting the creative, unconvention and free-spirited, each of Ronit Furst's frames is hand-made and hand-painted by a small team of highly talented artists.


Rather than opting for large-scale marketing campaigns, Ronit Furst built its reputation through genuine creative innovation.

Ronit Furst
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