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Mehta Opticians offers a range of private and NHS eye tests, from routine NHS eye tests to more specific services like the Welsh Eye Care Service and the Low Vision Service.

When conducted regularly, a standard NHS or Private eye test will allow you to see to your optimum potential and safeguard your eye health for the future. 


During the test, Mr Mehta will thoroughly assess the internal and external health of your eye, and suggest health advice as well as eye care solutions such eye wear and contact lenses.


Check here to see if you qualify for a free NHS eye test. 

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The Welsh Eye Care Service goes above and beyond a standard eye test and is often organised as a response to either an emergency or urgent problem or a standard eye test or doctor’s examination which warrants further investigation.


The Low Vision Service is a free, hour long assessment designed to help those with significantly low vision adjust to and accommodate their visual needs and limitations. 

Over the course of the assessment, Mr Mehta will discuss any difficulties that your eyesight might present in your day-to-day life as well as offer advice and various low vision aids that may aid your quality of life. 

In addition, Mehta Opticians offers OCT Scans in both its practices. Find out more about our OCT scans here. If you're interested in finding our more about our range of eye tests, or would like to book an eye test, get in touch today!

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