Mehta Opticians are one of the only authorised Zeiss retailers in Powys and Mid-Wales.

Founded in 1846 by the the pioneering optician, Carl Zeiss, ZEISS is a German brand which has established a formidable industry reputation for supremely high quality lenses and coatings.

Famed for their high-grade, high-precision medical equipment and optical technology, their lenses have been in the hands of Nobel Prize winning scientists, Academy Award winning directors, and the first man on the Moon.


In the UK, more that 50% of all fatal road accidents happen after dark, despite far fewer miles being driven at night.

This is a result of three factors: poor illumination, glare, and the increased challenge of carrying out the complex visual tasks required to drive. These factors can not only make driving at night or in poor conditions dangerous, but also a source of discomfort and anxiety for many drivers.

ZEISS’s DriveSafe is a single-vision and progressive lens specifically created as a response to these three factors. It combines Luminance Design® technology, the DuraVision® DriveSafe anti-reflective coating, and custom-engineered progressive lens design to enhance safety and comfort, especially in the hazardous driving conditions resulting from dim light, fog or rain. 

Zeiss DriveSafe in Bad Weather

Zeiss DriveSafe in Bad Weather

Zeiss DriveSafe in Tunnel Lighting

Zeiss DriveSafe in Tunnel Lighting

Zeiss DriveSafe at Night

Zeiss DriveSafe at Night

The DriveSafe is the only lens designed for enhancing driving while enabling a full range of everyday activities, and the difference between it and other premium lenses is monumental. In clinical trials, the lens achieved a ‘very high’ satisfaction rating from more than 95% of the test group, and in a recent study, the DriveSafe lens was rated best for ‘least perceived glare’ compared to a wide range of other premium anti-reflective coated lenses. 

To find out more about ZEISS, the DriveSafe, or the other ZEISS lenses that we offer, get in touch with us today or pop into one of our practices.

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Zeiss DriveSafe at Night