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Mehta Opticians is one of the only authorised Nikon retailers in Powys and Mid-Wales.

Now over 100 years old, the Japanese brand Nikon has specialised since its inception in high quality, precision optical glass.


Nikon’s rigorous research and development has made it the favourite of scientists and explorers, who have taken Nikon lenses with them on their travels to the furthest reaches of Earth and beyond. Nikon lenses have journeyed to the North Pole and the Moon, and have contributed to Nobel Prize winning research. 


Progressive aging of a human lens

Did you know that colours become less vibrant as you age?

As you get older the lenses of the eyes can become yellowish, leading to washed-out colours and an inability to distinguish between shades of purple, blue, and violet.

Did you know that you lose the ability to distinguish the red end of the spectrum in low light?

A phenomenon known as the Purkinje Effect means that eyes are vastly last sensitive to red light in reduced light conditions, resulting in shades of red that lack vibrancy and distinction. 

Reduced light without SeeCoat Bright

Reduced light without SeeCoat Bright

Reduced light with SeeCoat Bright

Reduced light with SeeCoat Bright

The Nikon SeeCoat Bright coating is designed to counteract these phenomena. Through advanced lens technology derived from the work of Nikon's centralised Research and Development hub, the coating supplements the transmission of red waves, resulting in a more natural and vibrant colour perception.

The revolutionary SeeCoat Bright coating counteracts phenomena that scientists as recently as 2014 called 'as inevitable as death and taxes'; indeed, patients have likened the experience of putting on SeeCoat Bright coated lenses to that of taking off sunglasses.

To find out more about Nikon, the SeeCoat Bright coating, or the other Nikon lenses that we offer, get in touch with us today or pop into one of our practices.

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